Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's a baby girl!

Well, we went to the BIG ultrasound today. It was awesome to finally get to see this little one and find out she is a GIRL! I was a little anxious going in, I wanted to make sure that she had two arms and two legs and all the major parts. She was wiggling so bad that the DR. couldn't get some of the pics of the baby's heart that she needed. I was a little happy though, that means that we get to go back and see her again in 6 weeks! She was moving like a jumping jellybean in there. The DR. actually had me get up and go pee in the middle of it to see if that would help her settle down, but it didn't help too much. Man, she will definitely fit right in with her two older sisters. She is all Aguirre already. The DR. also told me that the placenta is right on top of my cervix. She said that most of the time it will move up during pregnancy, but if it doesn't that will mean that we are looking at a possible C section. That is another reason we will be going back in 6 weeks for another one... to check the placenta and see if it has moved up any. We were able to see all of her major parts, heart, kidneys, stomach and bladder... It was AMAZING! I can not believe that is what is inside of me. Today has made it worth all of the puking, crying, mood swings, for me anyhow Danny might feel different about that one, and the constant tiredness. I can't wait to meet her.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Girl or Boy?

Since our big ultrasound is only 5 days away, I thought it might be fun to see what everyone thinks this baby is going to be! The heart rate has always been about 157-165 and I have gained about 3-4 pounds, although I look like it may be more. I am carrying this baby way out front. My mom had a boy first, Danny's mom had a girl first. One sister a girl first and one sister a boy first. I feel that it is a boy, Danny keeps saying a girl and a boy, he loves to see me squirm, although I think he really thinks it is a boy but doesn't want to be disappointed. Kadee thinks it is a girl and Kam says it is a boy. Kadee heard her dad say that if it is a girl, he is getting a dog, so really that is why she is rooting for a girl... she wants a dog! Give us your thoughts people, let's see who can guess it... boy or girl?!?!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Danny pregnant too?!?

So, Tuesday night I had young women. We were having pizza to celebrate one of our girls getting her Young Women Recognition Award. I went to Papa Murphy's and picked us up the pizzas, 2 large peperoni pizzas and some bread sticks. Well, when I got to the church to start cooking the pizzas I saw only one oven. I thought to myself, wow, I have never seen a stake house with only one oven. Oh well I thought and warmed it up. I had to cook one pizza and the bread and then thought I would do the other one as soon as it had finished... It would take the girls a few minutes to polish off that much pizza. Well, needless to say, they were all standing around in the kitchen waiting for the other pizza to finish. I told them sorry, I thought there would be more than one oven to cook in, but there isn't. Their reply, Jen, there is another oven right here... Yes, right next to the oven I was using... was the second oven... HELLO!!!

Yesterday it was SO blasted hot in our house! When we came home from a walk last night, it was almost 80 degrees in here. I was dying. Danny being the awesome husband he is, climbed up onto the roof and did whatever you do to the swamp cooler to make it work. We turned it on full blast to try and cool this house down so that we could sleep. We put the girls to bed and sat down to watch American Idol we had on DVR. When it was over we got up to go to bed and as we stood up from the couch, after you got higher, it was seriously like a HEAT WAVE!!! Danny said it feels like the heat is blasting! I was just like i know. Then it hit me... The thermostat is right under the swamp cooler... I bet the heat had never been turned off and it had gone below 68. Yep, with the cooler blowing directly on it, the thermostat was about 62 and the furnace had been running constantly for almost 2 hours.. it was like a freakin sauna in the basement where our room is. I walked in to check on the girls before going to bed and they were both sprawled out on top of their blankets, sweating to death. After the fans and open windows the house was back down to 72 this morning... WE BOTH NEED TO ENGAGE THE BRAIN!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why I LOVE THIS MAN!!!

10. He helps with baths, dishes, laundry and does my
"honey do's" without complaint.
9. He is always concerned about those around him and does all he can do to help out.
8. In the morning after his alarm goes off he pushes snooze at least once or twice so that he can roll over and snuggle me before he gets out of bed.
7. He loves to take on a project and it is so funny to watch him figure out how he is going to do it.
6. When he reads stories to the girls at bedtime he ALWAYS makes up voices for all of the
5. In the middle of the day I will get a text from him saying that he LOVES me and that I am beautiful.
He wants to give me the world.
3. He can make me laugh until I cry no matter what the day has been like.
2. He makes me feel amazing about who I am.
1. He is my HUSBAND, my BEST FRIEND and I NEVER want to know a day without him in it!

I love you baby! Thank you for loving me the way you do!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dr. Appointment

Well just wanted to give you all an update on the baby. We went to the Dr. today. I am officially 16 weeks tomorrow. It is so crazy because I can now feel my uterus right under my belly button. It is definitely starting to look and feel like a pregnant belly and not just fat. It is getting ALOT more round.. Good news since last post huh!:) Anyhow, the Dr. said that everything is going great. The baby's heartbeat was 157 today about the same it was last time. It was so weird this time though... the heartbeat was SO strong and loud. In fact, he barely had to put the Doppler under my belly button to hear it. Where before he would have to listen way down low. That baby is definitely growing. He also had us schedule our ultrasound for the 29th of this month which I am super duper excited about! I can't wait until I find out for sure what we are having... then the name debate can really get started.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The big FAT day of TEARS!!!

So, now that I am into my fourth month, I had it... The day that I had been dreading and knew that it would come. The day that I realized that the gut that I worked SO hard to get rid of, was coming back, in FULL force. Now, I KNOW that there is a baby inside of there, but mentally, it was a serious issue for me! It all started last Saturday morning when I finished getting ready for the day, which is kinda an oxy moron because I thought I actually looked really cute when I got finished. I walked upstairs into the kitchen and when I got to the top of the stairs, it seriously took me about 2 whole minutes to catch my breath... from walking up the stairs. It made me feel as if I had gained 50 pounds overnight and all of the extra was making it SUPER hard for me to breath! Danny said, "what is wrong?" In reply, trying not to let me think about it, I just said, "I just can't catch my breath.." A little bit later, we sat at the table to have a sandwich for lunch before we took the girls to the movies. Kam was sitting where I normally sit, so I decided to sit in her chair... which might I add is pushed up against the wall... then she can't tip over. It is a small space granted, and it is usually hard for me to squeeze in there, BUT I CAN!!! Well, that day, I got myself in, and couldn't get myself out. Trying to smile and laugh it off, but inside... KILLING ME!!! Right after lunch we loaded into the car and went to the theatre. When we got there Kam and I went in to find our seats, Danny and Kadee went to get a drink and some popcorn. When they got into the theatre, the movie was about to start. They got into their seats and we dished out popcorn to the kids and got them all set for the movie to start. I put my hand into the bucket to grab a handful, which I had been CRAVING, and took a bite. There was no butter on it! Come on people, as bad as it is for you, it is the best part of the popcorn. I leaned over to Danny and said, "there isn't even any butter on it." Which his reply to was, " look at it, it is yellow. There is tons of butter on it. Not all of us drink butter." And then I totally lost it. I know he was totally just giving me crap, meant absolutely NOTHING by it, but honestly, it was the last straw that day. Well, needless to say, I started to cry, and I cried and cried and cried... like for 45 minutes. I could have cared less about the stupid movie. I was not eating one kernel of that damn popcorn or eating ANY of the candy we had smuggled in the bag. I felt like a 400 pound blob sitting there. Well, Danny felt so bad... kept leaning over telling me how much he loved me, which only made me cry yet again. After the movie was over we ran an errand and came home. I had to go to the Young Women General Broadcast that night and when I went to leave Danny walked me out to the car. He asked me again what was wrong today and I started to cry and told him I would talk to him about it when I got home. After the meeting when I came in the house, he had the girls in bed and had lit candles all down the stairs to our bedroom, candles all over in our bedroom and he was waiting for me. He told me how beautiful I was and that he was sorry he had not been more sensitive to how I was feeling. Is he the best husband in the world or what?! When I asked him how he knew what was wrong, he told me that he had put the events of the day together and figured it out. Guys, I KNOW there is a baby in there. I actually have not gained 1 pound! I am actually 2 pounds under since I got pregnant... all that puking will do that. What is my issue. Honestly... I have got to get over it. Did any of you go through this? How do I make myself ok with the growing belly? Maybe once I have my ultrasound it will go away... It better cause I am only 4 months and this thing is only going to get ALOT bigger. Am I crazy?!?