Monday, May 24, 2010

Brave girl

Kam waiting at the dentist office, look at that smile!

Well, today was the day I had been dreading for a long long time. As most of you know, I HATE the dentist. I would rather go to the gyno and get a pap smear that walk into that office that has "that" smell with the sound of the drill and the suction thing getting stuck to people's cheeks. I honestly was terrified. For Kam. She had to have two crowns and three fillings today. The pediadontist recommended that we do sedation with the little fart to have it all taken care of at once. I had a pep talk with her yesterday, told her everything that was going to take place. She didn't seem scared at all... as for mom, I was freaking out for her. We got there and she played and ran around so happy. They came and gave her a shot to make her sleepy so they could do the IV and she fought it for about 10 minutes... she was NOT giving into that medicine. (the kid after her was out in about 60 seconds). She was "under" in the procedure for about 75 minutes. She did so good and came out with two shiny silver teeth and a few fillings. She was hilarious while waking up. She was a little chatter box, but all the words were SO slow and so not making sense. On the way home in the car, Danny played the Ryan Shupe "corndog" song for her cause the kids love it... she tried with all of her might to sing along, but was about 5 seconds behind the whole time. It the middle she tried with all of her might to give me a YEE HAW! I got the giggles so bad. Had to be one of the funniest things she has ever done. Tonight, she is doing great. Had some mashed potatoes for dinner with some bread and watched a few cartoons... she is good to go... still a little unsteady on those feet, and saying some funny stuff, but much much better. As for me, I have made a big decision that the next time that I have to have dental work done, I am opting for the IV sedation as well. I want to wake up and have it all over too Kam. So proud of you sis. You are so brave! Alot more brave than mommy.

How does a princess?

Kambrie is obsessed with princesses. She is always asking, how do princesses... fill in the blank... It got so bad with the how do princesses get into the car? How do princesses brush their teeth? How do princesses get dressed? When at dinner one night we got the "how do princesses eat their dinner?" Our response was "PRINCESSES ARE JUST NORMAL PEOPLE!!!" It has kinda been a joke around here. The other morning I was getting ready and putting on my make-up. Kam was watching very intently. I told her that when I was finished, we would put some on her. After putting some blush, eye shadow and mascara on her she told me that SHE needed to do her own lipstick. She went to the bathroom and got her little hand mirror from nursery to put the lipstick on all by herself. After she finished, I got the "mom, look I did it just like a princess."

Do I have the cutest kids or what?

These are some cute pics of the kids the last few weeks... man they are cute.

The Ballerina

In January, Kadee starting taking ballet. We promised her that if she did well in school that she could pick an activity. She held up her end of the bargain and so did we. She picked ballet. She has done so well and made alot of new little friends in her class. She has her big recital on the 13th of June. She got her costume for it not too long ago and this is a picture of her on picture night at the dance studio. Is she the cutest ballerina or what?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Been A While

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry its been a while but here we go. A lot new has happened and i (Danny) will try to sum it all up for you.

1- Jen is feeling much better. No residual signs of her headaches or passing out. She is the best wife and mother ever. We might be ready to paint the pilot with all of her driving (yellow with some back checkers) No one is more excited for our move to logan than jen. everyday more and more clients are calling to ask if they can be squeezed into the days she is planning on working. she called the salon last week and was assured that a spot would be made available for her when she wants it. i guess she is also the best hair stylist ever. she has been having a great time with the kids and watching them grow up into little people. She still looks as good as the day i met her and i love er more now than ever. i don't know how to explain it but the world is just better because she is in it. everything that is going on with the rest of the family is in short because of jen in one way or another (everything positive at least).

2- Lilly is almost the size of a small car. Kidding of course but her growth is out of control, as is she with her crawling and looks soon to be walking. As parents we are extremely bias, but we're pretty sure as with our other children she is pretty advanced. We have had some ear infection problems and after the fourth consecutive trip to the doctor and round of antibiotics we were begging for tubes (we just needed some sleep for gripes sakes.) Finally we were referred to an ENT that told us her ears were clear after the last round of antibiotics and that Lilly was to little to just do them but for sure if she gets another ear infection to jsut bring her in and they would schedule the procedure. Well we are nut sure if that scared Lilly to health, or if Heavenly Father knew we couldn't afford a procedure or what but since then clear ears and happy child...until...the two bottom teeth decided to visit. Those little bastards are sharp and they are just sitting at the doorstep making our lives miserable. we cans ee them and they look to be almost through so we are sitting with our fingers crossed and earplugs in hoping that any day now they will be through and Lilly will return to normal.
On a slightly funnier note Lilly tried to scale the garbage can and the 'wall' tipped on top of her. luckily our light bin did not allow here to get too high so it was more scare than hurt but it was scary then a bit funny to walk into her lying underneath the can with "am i dying" fear on her face was pretty cute then came the tears. Well that about does it for Lilly.

Lilly likes to stand on my hand.

3- Kambrie is living the dream. Wake up, someone gets me breakfast, play, someone gets me lunch, play, someone gets me dinner, play, bath (which someone does for me), and bed. how nice would it be. Kam is great and doing well. she is getting so big. she can now peddle her bike all the way to Nana and Pappa's without complaining or stopping which for those little legs and her melodramatic tendencies is HUGE!!! We are hoping to get rid of the training wheels this summer. her eating habits are improving but we are going to visit the dentist next week for some serious work, tow caps and some fillings. The dentist has officially warned us of snack grazing and juice. we have fixed that problem and amped up our daily oral hygiene regiment, we still brush twice daily and floss but we have added a rinse with water ofter every meal and if she is going to have a drink not at a meal it is water and and if a snack she eats it and is done, no walking around with it and grazing for hours. Man does she do some funny things. There is nothing really specific that she does...she is jsut funny and cute. watching her run is a joy...she has to crouch down, load up her shoulders and lean forward to get started and you think by the effort she puts into it she is going into warp speed but then she begins to run and there is more effort moving her up and down than forward, you really have to see it to appreciate the cartoonish nature.

Jen walked in on Kam 'reading the paper' upon asking what she was doing kam replied 'I can't read!' with a smile and laugh.

4- Kadee is finishing up the first grade and that little squirt can read. not just 'see me run' but a real book, real sentences and some difficult words. now as adults if we want to say something that we don't want her to hear we have to spell it so fast that either we misspell it or the other person can't process it fast enough so we end up having to wait till after bedtime (by then we have usually forgotten) or we have to leave the room to pass on the information. So far the most exciting things, as far as we can tell, were the treats she got to bring for her birthday and her field trip to wheeler farm. man was she excited to go to the farm. i think she was more excited to bring a lunch, and not any old lunch a brown paper sack. Jen offered to pack her lunch in the super cute princess tin lunchbox that she got at the beginning of the year but kadee held out for the brown paper sack because she wanted somehting that 'i can through in the garbage can when i'm done!' i don't know if it's right to teach our children to create waste but it sure was fun helping her get excited about the brown sack.

Dr. Suess day at school kadee was cindy lou, and i think she is a bit cuter than the original.

5- I (Danny) got accepted to USU and am doing pretty well in school. we move to Logan on the june 19th weekend. but classes start on the 14th of june so a long commute for the first week. we are all excited to open this new chapter of our lives and education. i am looking for an internship or co-op that has in the field of engineering and has insurance (I WANT OUT OF SMITH'S) so if anyone has any ideas...?
i also got punched last week and got three stitches. some shoplifters tried to get away with some smokes (10's of cartons) and so i gave chase and caught the slower one (hey i never said i was fast and where do you think Kam gets it from) but while wrestling the slower one into submission (which i did) the faster one sucker punched me in the face from behind without me knowing he was there. I got my three stitches out yesterday as well as a notice that the one that i caught is looking at a felony robbery charge and possibly prison time. Yeah eat that SUCKA!!! They think they found the one that punched me but need someone to id him but i only saw the back of his head (i said i was slow) and never saw him when he punched me.
taken a couple of hours after the big cheap shot.

well that is a quick up-to-dating i know i forgot a lot of stuff but i forgot it so i can't tell you.

'live long and prosper' or at least catch stupid people doing stupid stuff and let the police taze them.