Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, today I have been thinking about and planning for a few weeks now. In fact, have you ever seen that commercial where the family is going to Disneyland and the mom comes walking into the kids bedroom and none of them are asleep because... "they are just to excited to sleep?" Well, this morning I was awake at 5am to pee which was only my 5th time last night... and when I got back into bed I never went back to sleep... "I was just TO excited to sleep"! Yes people, I loaded the girls up this morning with bug juices and sugar along with Pinocchio and were on the road by 9:50 am... which is impressive all in itself... towards... LOGAN!!! Kadee was out of school for the day and when I realized it I told Danny that I really wanted to go. The only plans I had for the day was to go to the salon and just visit... clients in there and my girls at the shop... and then to meet my girls at CAFE SABOR for the Mexican I had been CRAVING since I finally stopped puking! It totally hit the spot. After a gallon and a half of salsa and chips, I still managed to eat a few fajitas from my plate. I was not leaving that place not having to be rolled out of there. I had been waiting for that for WEEKS!!! It has never tasted so good. PS... got some chips and salsa for the road. It was so much fun. After seeing all of the friends I had been SO homesick for we went to Kim, Dylan and Ryan's house and played for about an hour before the long ride back to SLC. The girls were so good and we had a blast. Thanks everyone for coming to lunch and just playing. I miss all of you a TON and I love you all so much!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I went to the Dr. today for my 13 week check up and all was great. We were in and out of there in one hour, which compared to the first visit was half the time. Alot less to do this time though... Great news, the baby is growing and the heartbeat was 140 last time and he said almost 160 this time. Wow, how things progress huh. I can definitely tell I am pregnant the last week or so, I feel like I have gained 15 pounds the way my clothes are fitting, but I actually have not gained one pound. Imagine that. So, all is well on the baby front. I am starting to wish I had one of those Doppler thingys so that I could listen to that little heartbeat all day long... I have a feeling we wouldn't get anything else done here though! And we still are only 3 rooms down when it comes to my spring cleaning... we better get on it! Where is the energy to do it though?!?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Giant Daddy

Today Kam and I were driving on state street heading to the bank when all of the sudden she started to scream and wave her arms like crazy. I said what is going on... she replied as she pointed to the big Master tool man that is on the sign in front of the store... A HUGE STRONG DADDY!!! How cool is it that the girls associate strong and manly, and might I add pretty good looking, to their daddy. Which, he TOTALLY is all of that and more. I love you Danny. You are the best dad ever!

Sister of the year award

Kadee Lou is up for sister of the year. I have really watched her with Kam this week and she is so amazing with her. If Kam wants something she has she usually is happy to just let her play with it so she won't cry. She is constantly helping her do things and teaching her about things. I sat and watched them play PBS Kids today while I did my hair and she is awesome and patient and wonderful with her. Thanks Kadee for showing all of us what it is to be an awesome sister! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Kambrie is so going through the why phase and man, is it trying me.
Kam don't touch that it is hot
Because I am boiling some noodles to make mac and cheese for your lunch
Cause that is what you and Kadee asked for.
Because we found the High School Musical kind agian
Cause they had it at the store
Because they did
Kam, seriously stop with the why...

Any suggestions of how you made it through this phase without loosing it?

Friday, March 6, 2009

You did what?

The other day Kambrie was eating a tiny box of Nerds.. you know, the classic kid candy that somehow ends up in EVERY nook of your house. Well, she kept picking her nose. I finally said, "sis, what are you doing. Stop picking your nose." To her reply, I have a nerd in my nose. Yes, I could feel it but it was lodged up there so far I couldn't see it. I plugged her one nostril, had her close her mouth and blow out her nose. All of the sudden after about three blows to loosen that thing... it came flying out. It was HUGE! You know the ones that are like 2 or 3 stuck together. That is what it was. We had to have a talk about putting stuff up our nose.

The other day Kadee came into the computer room while I was online checking my pregnancy ca lander... it is super cool and shows you the baby at each week, what it looks like and how it is changing. She asked what I was doing so I said looking at what our baby looks like right now. There was an ultrasound on there of a baby moving, kicking it's arms and legs and moving in the very small space that it has right now. We talked about how now the baby can move, but I can't feel it yet. The picture next to it was just an actual picture of the baby in the placenta. The next question I got was about the sac around the baby. I explained to Kadee that it keeps the baby safe and is full of water like stuff so the baby doesn't get bumped. She sat there for a minute and then looked at me and asked, "so, when you swallowed that baby, you swallowed it in a SAC!!!" I just grinned and said "yep, I did."

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Wednesday was Danny's 29th birthday. We had so much fun getting ready for him to come home from work. We drew a poster and put it in the front window and got balloons. We tied them outside and in the house. When he walked in the door we blew our noise makers and made him put on his party hat! We opened presents and had dinner and no bake cookies with a candle to sing Happy Birthday... his request. It was so fun! Happy Birthday Baby! I sure do love you and hope this is the best year ever!


Last weekend we took a road trip to Cedar City to the 2A State Basketball games. It was awesome. We stayed in a motel with Cory and Mel, Chris and Stacey, Mom and Dad and all everyone's kids. It was so fun. We watched ALOT of basketball and the girls swam in the pool with Dad, I somehow didn't pack my suit... darn. On Saturday after we checked out of the motel we had the afternoon to kill before the big game so we went to visit Grandpa Boyter and Renae. It was so good to visit with them. When we got back to Cedar we went to the championship game and watched the BRAVES become the 2009 STATE CHAMPS!!! It was awesome. I was so proud to be a Brave. The gym was packed with the whole town of Coalville. It is so great to come from a place where the entire community supports everyone and all activities. Man, I hope we get out there soon. The whole way home after the game there was a steady stream of red lights on NB I-15. It felt great to be part of something so fun!
Kam and Uncle Cory at the games
Keegan got to dress with the Varsity as a Freshman. I am so proud of him and can't wait to see him do his thing next year!
Hanging at half time of the championship game

Kadee keeping herself entertained during the game... how can she even hear... it is SO LOUD!