Sunday, January 17, 2010

New week, new life

Well, life is SO much better since Danny made the last post. I mean like life and death different. After I had the EEG on the last post they didn't find any irregularities with the test. And I even had two episodes while they were doing the test. The second one I almost passed out... So, if it was seizures, they definitely would have shown. After they got the results to that they told me that they think I am suffering from Migraines with Aura and that they could possibly be hormone induced. I told them that I had just had a baby four months ago, then started back on birth control pills and switched after one month to another... cheaper kind. Big mistake I guess. The thing that makes me the most crazy about all of this is that one of the very first things I did when all of this was really starting to become a problem was call my gyno and ask if by any chance it could be the new birth control I was on. I got an absolutely not... and was sent to an internist. Anyhow, at the hospital they gave me the meds for the migraines in my IV and it completely knocked me out. I had passed out 2 more times that morning. After the drugs I slept for about 3 hours... when I woke up I felt a TON better. I had no headache anymore. My arms didn't feel and tingly and weak. I felt like I was a little unsteady but absolutely NOTHING like I was going to pass out. I told the DR and they told me that they would send me home with a prescription for it. I asked if I could go home and they told me I could get dressed. YAHOO! So, when we got home I put my birth control pills in the garbage and started to take my new meds every night and viola... today I feel better than I have for a year. A few days ago I looked up migraines with aura. The symptoms are straight down the line of what I have been experiencing. Dizziness or lightheaded... sometimes loosing consciousness. Numbness or tingly feeling in an extremity. Loss of vision or blurry vision. Stiff neck. Waking up feeling like you have been "hit by a train". Trouble speaking, slurred speech or not being able to say the words you are trying to say. A headache that only lasts 10-20 minutes. Yep, straight down the line. ALL of the things I have been complaining about everyday for MONTHS! It even said that some people experience hallucinations. Man am I glad it didn't get to that point for me. I feel so incredibly blessed that the DR listened to me... looked at the possibilities and figured it out. The thing on the internet said you can only imagine how scary these symptoms would be for someone experiencing them for the first time. Hello.... yes, very scary. I am so thankful for a husband that didn't think I was crazy and supported me through all of this mess. I feel so lucky to be one of the people that get to find out what is causing me to feel like crap everyday and that there is something I can take and something I can stop putting in my body to make me feel like a normal functioning person again. When we were in the ER the doctor told me many times that 50% of people that suffer from syncope, fainting, we never know the cause of. Hello... not a thing you should tell someone that has fainted 5 times in about 12 hours. How in the world could you ever be a mom or wife. I would have to have someone not only watch me all the time but take care of my kids. I feels so blessed. This week is going to be so much better than last and it will only continue to get better. I for one am scared to death to ever do any kind of birth control again... man, I had NO idea that hormones could screw your body up to that extent! I actually heard that they can be deadly... scary.... and so lucky!

In the blessing my husband gave me he told me there was reason to be concerned, but not to be afraid. He was so right. I am so thankful to have a wonderful husband who holds and honors his priesthood and can give me a blessing when I need it. It brings SO much comfort and strength.

Health is something I have definitely taken for granted. I feel so lucky to be healthy and happy and well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


no not the tv show. Jen has been sick (dizzy spells and fatigue) for several months now. the S#$@* really hit the fan yesterday when she fainted. then she fainted again. and then we went to the ER and she fainted again, again, and again, and then once more this morning.
lets start at the beginning, many know that the reason Jen was induced with lilly was becasue she fainted while being observed for preeclampsia. then, after the baby she was ok for about a month and then started having dizzy spells, at the time she had a bilateral earinfection (both sides) so we chalked it up to that. but two rounds of antibiotics and still dizzy she went to an ENT who said her ears were good and no inner ear problems. then the episodes seemed to get worse and she statrted to loose balance during the bad ones, so and internest sent us to a cardiologist and a holtermoniter for 24 hrs. after a normal EKG and a normal echo cardiogram the results of the holter moniter they have 'confidently outruled a cardio problem.' that was monday (Jan 11.)
then tuesday (yesterday) happened. after a couple of good EKG's and a couple of fainting spells we finally got a neurologist to come and do a work up. the kept us overnight in the observation unit. we are now waiting for the EEG test, this because they think they might be small seizures. but if she doesn't have an 'episode' while the test is being done then they can't tell what it is that is causing it but they will be able to tell if between episodes her brain waves are normal so again unless they 'catch' one we are no better than when we started.

on a far unrelated side note. last night i had a premade spicey italian sandwich that was awesome...until i woke up with the worst stomach cramps ever, seriously thought while asleep in the ER they did experimental surgery to impregnate me with a full term baby to give birth today. but a little pepto and some time i am good now. i guess italians use the fear of cramps to lower stress levels so they don't combine spicy sandwiches and stress.

we are going to be fine we feel that the drs are really trying to help us so we will keep you up to date.