Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Business

So, I am starting to wonder if this baby business is for the birds or what!!! This week has been so crazy. I went to the DR this week for just my regular check up and to get the actual report from my DR on my ultrasound I had a few weeks ago... when she told us the placenta had moved and it all looked ok... Danny had worked all night so I took the girls with me to the appt. I thought it was just going to be a quick in and out thing so I promised them a sno cone if they behaved awesome at the dr. The two nights before I went in for my appt I had been woken up by cramping... The first night it was really pretty bad and lasted for almost 40 minutes or so. I had gotten up and tried to pee to see if it would help. I woke Danny up and told him I was worried... this had not happened before and I felt like I was having a bad period. Then it went away... the next night, same thing. So, when I went to my appt that day I told the DR. He told me that they were probably small contractions. He also informed me that the wonderful ultrasound lady had misinformed me... yes my placenta had moved, but is was still NOT SAFE enough to be safe... He also gave me the implication that he didn't really see it moving a whole lot more in the next few weeks. Basically, he put me on some restrictions about activity, sex being the most HORRIBLE one.. boo... and told me that I really need to be super careful. Lots of resting with my feet up and listening to my body. He also told me that I will have yet another ultrasound at 34 weeks to recheck the placenta. If at that time it has not finished the distance we need, he will schedule the C section for 37 weeks. As you can only imagine, I was SO floored! After the ultrasound I had totally put this worry about placenta previa in the back of my head. I hadn't given it another thought! Well, to say the least, it was a very emotional day for me. I know that all that matters is that the baby is healthy and what ever I need to do to get her here safe is all that matters to me, but I was so bummed! I wish so bad that ultrasound tech had not said one thing! I guess it just showed me that she is a tech... my DR is the boss. So, as the week continued, I kept in with the crampiness. On Friday it was pretty much all day. I laid down for about and hour and a half and had no relief at all. Took a couple extra strength Tylenol and still nothing helped. I told Danny that I was going to call the nurse and see what I could do to get some relief... When she returned my call around 3 PM she informed me that because I had never had a baby before and didn't know what labor felt like, she needed me to go to the hospital. They would hook me up to monitors and make sure that I wasn't in labor. I just kept saying, "no, I am not in labor. I just feel crampy." She just kept telling me that for some women that is how it feels... GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!! Well, I hung up and looked at Danny and said, I am not going... To his reply, "do you want to be the woman that has a baby on the bathroom floor?" So, we went to the hospital...

When we got there, they hooked me up to all kinds of monitors, in a labor and delivery room might I add, and started to check my contractions and the baby's heartbeat. I was so mortified! I kept telling Danny what in the hell are we doing here?!? Anyhow, after a bit of monitoring, they came in and took some blood, wheeled me to another ultrasound, where the woman did not say one word... Danny and I didn't even see the screen... We were both terrified we were going to be having a baby at this point. They also came in and took a sample from my bladder to check for another UTI and some swab thing that checks the cells of your cervix to see if you are going to deliver in the next 2 weeks or longer. My nurse was SO great and explained everything awesome. She had also had placenta previa and told me that when she was in the hospital on bed rest with it, some nurse checked her and pulled her placenta right out when she finished... HELLO!!! I had NO idea it was that dangerous! I can not believe Danny and I have been having sex this whole time! What if that would have happened at home?!? All the tests came back normal for infection... my cervix had not started to dialate... and the swab test came back inconclusive, I have to go back and have it done again this week... So, all in all, the crampiness, dehydrated... which can cause contractions, who knew, and they also said ligament pain with it from my round ligaments. So, after 5 hours in the hospital... Home again. Back to the DR this week to be checked up on again for the crampiness. Still pretty crampy every day... lots of laying around... thinking of all the things I need to do before this baby comes in 9 WEEKS NOW!!! Holy cow! I keep telling Danny, She better be one good baby! I know she is so worth all of it! Most importantly, I now realize that I need to do what my Dr says... when he says, this is dangerous to you and your baby, I need to listen... It is not just about me anymore. I will have to learn to be a patient patient.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Crazy in Love

This post is for my wonderful husband. It was Father's Day yesterday and I find myself so overcome with pride and love for this man that has become my world. I never in a million years could have imagined that I would find someone that could complete my world the way that Danny does. I never would have dreamed that I would find someone that would love me so selflessly and fully. I look at Danny and not only the wonderful husband that he is to me, but the wonderful father he is. He is so kind and patient with the girls. He has a very distinct way of teaching them and guiding them. It makes my heart smile when I see him getting on their level to show them the way. I can not imagine a more incredible man to create a child with. Someone that will be a great example of all that is good. I feel so lucky to be bringing another baby girl into this family with him. He works so hard to make sure that we have all that we need and I appreciate that so much. I always feel so safe and loved with him at my side. I know that there is not one thing that could overcome the two of us together. There is no where else in the world that I could be as happy as I am in this little house in Midvale with him.
Danny you are my strength, my comfort and my best friend. I am so crazy in love with you! I am so proud to call you my husband! I love you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

unpacked the bedding!! FINALLY!

Well, after going to the DR again today for my second big ultrasound, we got the confirmation that this baby is totally a girl. I had promised Danny that I wouldn't get the bedding ironed and in the crib until the ultrasound and we knew for sure. So, this afternoon while Kam napped... I DID IT!!! I love it. It is SO dang cute! Danny keeps teasing me that she is going to be an 80 yr old newborn because everything is so old fashioned... the bedding... the old school crib... the 100 year old dresser... and this week Danny is bringing over his great grandma's old treddle sewing machine and we are going to keep the top down and use it as the changing table. I for one am in LOVE with the nursery... good thing since I will be spending many many many nights in there rocking my baby girl!

The migrating PLACENTA!!!

Good good news this morning everyone... We just got back from my second ultrasound to check and see if the placenta has moved... and it has! She said it is only .1 cm from where it is considered safe and she is sure that over the next 13 weeks it will move! So, yeah! I am so relieved to not have a C section... although now, I have to push this baby out of me! YIKES!! Don't know what is scarier. Although, now I won't feel like I am being jipped out of the opportunity... I know all of you just thought, opportunity hell... but when you are told you can't, it sucks. So, anyhow, I feel good and excited about it. They also got a good look at her little heart and spine, which she wouldn't hold still for last time, and they all look great! So, we are feeling awesome about things this morning. She also gave out a great big yawn while we were looking at her face. She is already such a little doll. She has the cutest little nose and her lips look so cute... just like her mom's. :) Now we can really kick it into high gear with the nursery because it is totally positive she is a girl now! Spread eagle... yep, even I could tell. So, let's start shopping.... She is definitely on her way!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

babies babies babies

My sister in law Aubry had her little boy on Friday morning. His name is Jaxon and weighed in at a whopping 9lbs 11 oz... Are you kidding me... Let's hope this isn't a trend in the Aguirre family. When he was born, he had some problems breathing on his own, due to one of his lungs collapsing so they had to put him on a breathing machine. He was also having problems keeping his glucose levels up mostly due to the fact that they couldn't feed him with the breathing machine... They were trying to feed him with the IVs but he kept blowing the lines, so around 2 am that night they flew him to Primary Children's where they were able to put him on a PIC line. This afternoon they were able to take him back off the ventilator and were going to start feeding him. Aubry finally got released today from the hospital and we are so happy she now gets to go be close to her new baby! They say that he will probably be there for a few weeks, but things will work their way out. We love you baby Jaxon! Keep moving in the right direction. Sim and Aub, your family is in our prayers and thoughts!

We also were at the IMC yesterday to see Cassandra. She started having contractions on Thursday night. They have been able to get her contractions to stop but she will be there until she has the babies. She is 32 weeks tomorrow, which is AWESOME for triplets. I am so proud of her. She looks great and I can't wait to see those babies in her belly! Keep "em cookin Cass! Two more weeks would be great news!

Look at all the new fun friends Little Lilly will have to play with...... so fun:)


Last Thursday we left early in the morning and headed north towards Logan! I was so homesick to see everyone so we decided to make it a family outing! It was a blast. We were able to visit my girls at the salon and see a few clients as well. We were able to stop and see Liz and Jason's new baby girl and take a ride out to Paradise to see the Normans. I was so happy to see Carly and apparently she was happy to see me too. She was standing at the front window waiting for us pounding on the glass when I got out of the car. I cried when we had to leave her. We were definitely best friends in Heaven. We also made a stop at USU to visit Carrie and check out the campus... Danny loved it and we both had the chills when we got out of the car there. We now know that we are making the right decision. Danny also got his first Utah State shirt along with True Aggie chap sticks for all of us and Aggie ice cream to boot. Thanks Carrie! It was great seeing you! We went to my sister Kim's house, which was the only thing getting the girls through the long day of visits, and hung out for a bit. The girls love their cousins. Danny had not been to her house before so it was fun to let him see where they lived. She kept the girls for us for a few hours and Danny and I went to dinner with Rose and Jeff at CAFE SABOR!!! Totally hit the spot. 2 diet cokes and a basket of chips and salsa later, we picked up the girls and headed home. It was a great day! SO good to see all of you! Can't wait to be back in Cache Valley... DEFINITELY HOME TO ME!!!!

26 weeks and counting!

view from the top

side shot!
Here is a pic of my growing belly! I am 26 weeks and counting now! If they end up taking baby Lilly at 37 weeks that means we only have 11 left! I can hardly believe that. We are going in for another ultrasound on Wednesday to see if my placenta has moved at all. I am hoping, but not letting myself count on it. I will also be SUPER excited to make positive that she is a she and really start getting the nursery ready for her. Her movements are stronger and you can actually see my belly move now, but they are a little less frequent... My DR said that her space is getting smaller so she can't move as easily. I went in for my 4 week check up last Wednesday and found out that I have a UTI which is no fun, guess that explains the cramps the last few days. I started on an antibiotic and go back on Friday to check on it again and make sure it is gone. I didn't know that any kind of infection can make you go into labor, so no wonder he made such a big deal out of it. Who knew. Anyhow, all is well on the baby front and I am LOVING the cooler weather! Not a SINGLE complaint from me about it! It is an answer to this mother's prayers!