Friday, November 21, 2008

cUte gIrLs!

Here are some pics from this last week of fun... Sorry, kinda a collage today.
Kambrie completely exhausted from the sun, football, and the crash after all the pixie stix. We went to the North Summit High School football game last Sat afternoon. They played for the State Champs and won by 3 points in the last 2.2 seconds! We painted the girls faces and fed them TONS of sugar and they loved every minute of it. They had fun playing with cousins mostly. Man, for as long as it has been since I have sung the NSHS school song, I sure got into that game. GO BRAVES!
This is Kambrie after playing in my makeup bag... man does she LOVE the eyeshadow. Now this has become a daily ritual, after I get done, I pass the few things she can play with onto her. She is definitely ALL girl!
Kadee got some hammy downs from Sadie for winter. Man did we welcome the longer pants and some sweaters!
And last but not least... not really sure. It was on my camera today when I loaded pics. I left Danny and the girls home on Wednesday night for a bit while I went with my sister in law to get waxed... guess this is how Danny entertained the girls! LOL.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Don't Tattle!!!

Well hello blogging world. Today is a momentous day, I Danny Aguirre have finally started to add to our family blog. I guess I am now an official Blogger. Well something very funny happened this morning. The reports have been coming in. 'Kadee pushed me!' 'Kambrie is pulling that out!' 'kadee is playing in the blinds' 'kambrie took my toy!' But today we hit an all time low. This morning when the girls came down to get in bed with us for a minute before we get up, they began to play and Kambrie ended up on the floor. Well of course we got some whining and a couple of tears and 'Kadee pushed me!' 'No I didn't, Kambrie tripped!' Well turns out Kambrie agreed and she just fell down. Upon that discovery, 'see Kambrie told a LIE!!!' so the tattle discussion started by us saying 'please don't tattle.' and shortly thereafter we get 'I'm not tattling, Kadee is tattling!' and Jen and I just bust up laughing. I guess when your two you don't really understand the meaning of the pot calling the kettle black. So instead of trying to explain the flaws of her statement to her, we just laughed and chalked it up to a blogging moment that we wanted to share. See no secrets here at the Aguirre house. But for the records Kambrie spilled the popcorn last night.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Early Thanksgiving with Grandpa Boyter

Last weekend we went down to St. George and spent a few days. We went to Enterprise on Saturday to have Thanksgiving dinner with Grandpa Boyter and also to celebrate his 81st birthday. It was so fun. It was my first time meeting him and I fell in love with him. He is so dang cute. I am so glad we went.

The girls getting balloons twisted into flowers... they ate that up!

Kambrie sneaking olives from the veggie tray before dinner... she is so funny!

Mom Aguirre and Aunt Judy... the cooks! And was it ever gooood!

All of the great grand kids waiting to sing Happy Birthday to Grandpa Boyter!

Also, Nic, Annie, Rylie, and Teena ran in the St. George races... Rylie ran the 5K and the rest of the crazies ran the half marathon. We are so proud of all of you! All of the hard work and dedication paid off! And like Teena said, the pain will go away but the glory of the accomplishment won't! GOOD JOB GUYS!

Are you kidding me?

Ok so I am seriously really starting to wonder what in the world Kambrie does in her sleep. Seriously how does this happen... we take baths every night before bed and this is how her hair is when she wakes up... DO NOT GET IT!!!

This is how Kadee looks when she gets up... just normal bed head. Not the rats nest that Kam somehow twists her hair into!

Yeah Snow!

Well the first snowfall of the season and the girls ate it up... The second I picked Kadee up from school all she could talk about was going home and playing in it. Kam was so funny. She was having a really hard time staying on her feet. Oh do they keep me entertained!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, Halloween was so much fun. It was so great to see the girls all dressed up in their costumes. Kadee had a Halloween parade at school early Friday morning. This is her dressed as a Kitty. (I thought my camera was on picture but it was video- bless my heart) Kambrie dressed up as a Witch... or Weatch as she would say. They looked so cute!

The girls spent the day with their mom and then came with us at night. We hung out at the trunk or treat for a bit, then to Nana and Papa's to get their special bags Nana made them, and then home for dinner and to watch the long awaited Tinkerbell that Grandma Terry and Papa Carl sent. Thanks so much everyone! We went to bed with good dreams from the movie and stomach aches from all the candy! It was such a fun day!


Our little Kadee has learned sooo much already in Kindergarten. Even this morning she came and crawled into bed with Danny and I and said hey I can count to 20 in Spanish. Then she rattled them off... uno, dos, tres, ect. I couldn't believe it, although I could understand it because if any of you have forgotten, I was the FOREIGN LANGUAGE STERLING SCHOLAR which coming from a school like North Summit High, is a BIG deal! :) Just kidding, this entry is really about how smart my daughter is, I picked her up from school on Wednesday and she had learned the pledge, yep that very day, and she rattled it off pretty much perfect. WOW, was I impressed! Good Job SIS! Here is a video of her doing it for me later that night.. it is a little dark but you get the point of just how awesome she does it!

Family night!!!

I had the brilliant idea for family night this week that we would carve pumpkins and get all ready for Halloween. After dinner we headed outside to get the pumpkins off the front porch. We got them a few weeks ago, but because of warm weather we waited to carve them. The girls pumpkins were really small, to small to carve, so they painted them... with q tips cause I couldn't find any paint brushes small enough. (My craft room still isn't to organized) After Danny cut the "lid" off of his pumpkin, I decided not to carve mine, that I would just leave it sitting on the front porch and then we could just use it as a fall decoration... until Thanksgiving. It looked REALLY messy... Somehow, Danny got me to try to dig out the guts and so I ended up getting dirty too, but it was so much fun! After we got done and took baths for bed the bathtub was covered in little pieces of paint we washed off the girls. They ate it up and have asked me every single day since if we can paint pumpkins again today. Danny made his pumpkin into a hillbillie. It was fun. The girls thought it was awesome when we put them on the porch and lit up the "jack o lantern". Oh memories!