Monday, May 24, 2010

Brave girl

Kam waiting at the dentist office, look at that smile!

Well, today was the day I had been dreading for a long long time. As most of you know, I HATE the dentist. I would rather go to the gyno and get a pap smear that walk into that office that has "that" smell with the sound of the drill and the suction thing getting stuck to people's cheeks. I honestly was terrified. For Kam. She had to have two crowns and three fillings today. The pediadontist recommended that we do sedation with the little fart to have it all taken care of at once. I had a pep talk with her yesterday, told her everything that was going to take place. She didn't seem scared at all... as for mom, I was freaking out for her. We got there and she played and ran around so happy. They came and gave her a shot to make her sleepy so they could do the IV and she fought it for about 10 minutes... she was NOT giving into that medicine. (the kid after her was out in about 60 seconds). She was "under" in the procedure for about 75 minutes. She did so good and came out with two shiny silver teeth and a few fillings. She was hilarious while waking up. She was a little chatter box, but all the words were SO slow and so not making sense. On the way home in the car, Danny played the Ryan Shupe "corndog" song for her cause the kids love it... she tried with all of her might to sing along, but was about 5 seconds behind the whole time. It the middle she tried with all of her might to give me a YEE HAW! I got the giggles so bad. Had to be one of the funniest things she has ever done. Tonight, she is doing great. Had some mashed potatoes for dinner with some bread and watched a few cartoons... she is good to go... still a little unsteady on those feet, and saying some funny stuff, but much much better. As for me, I have made a big decision that the next time that I have to have dental work done, I am opting for the IV sedation as well. I want to wake up and have it all over too Kam. So proud of you sis. You are so brave! Alot more brave than mommy.


Jess said...

that's awesome- Kam is so funny anyway that I'm sure it was even funnier to watch. Glad she's doing well and not afraid of the dentist

Annah said...

I've been avoiding the dentist for 10 months. Seriously, I think my left molar is going to fall off. BUT I HATE IT. UGH!

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