Thursday, July 30, 2009

Daddy Do's

So, when I met Danny, he was a single dad of two little girls. Along with that title he had to do the unimaginable for two little ones every day... their hair. Now, for most men, this would pose a serious problem, but for my Danny, when he is determined to do something, he will find a way to do it AWESOME!!! I got to the point that I was pretty impressed with his creativity. Now, don't get me wrong, there were no bows, curls or ribbons... nothing girly by any means. But this man can do some serious elastic work. So, yesterday afternoon he told me that he wanted to try to french braid Kadee's hair in the front... like a headband. I told him, kudos for wanting to try. If you don't know, I tried to be taught how to french braid for 3 solid days in beauty school... DID NOT WORK!! I can not do it for the life of me. So, when he said he wanted to try... I told him to have at it. Today after swimming lessons, he gave it his best shot. About 40 minutes later... he actually did a pretty good job. I was definitely impressed. Best part about the whole thing, the tongue, sticking out the ENTIRE time he braided. I finally had to come down and do some laundry... had the giggles to bad. What a GREAT DAD!

Great Date!

The girls by the time we were back home

Last week, Danny and I decided that we wanted to go see the new Harry Potter movie. We still had gift certificates to the theatres in Park City, so we decided to ask my mom and dad to keep the girls while we went on a little date... The movie was awesome and then we grabbed some dinner at Cafe Rio. Between the tub of popcorn I inhaled and the mexican food, I was sufferin from some serious gut ache... but TOTALLY worth it! The girls had a blast hanging out with Grandma Terry. She took them to the barn to see the kittens, on the four wheeler, they got treats at Rafter B, and hung out with Grandma Gwen. We picked them back up at 9:30 and about 2 minutes into the car ride back to SLC, they were totally out! Great movie, Great date, and Great parents for keeping the girls! Thanks a bunch!

Just have to share a quick story about the girls and those kittens... a few weeks ago I went to stay the night while Danny was at father and sons... I am allergic to cats so we never have to get one... YEAH!!! Anyhow, the girls adore cats, especially kittens. Farmer Don,aka Uncle Don, just had a bunch of new kittens. Mom and I took the girls over to see them. They could have stayed for hours but in about 10 minutes I had snot all over the place. When we got back to my mom's house, Kadee looked at me and said, "Jen, when you die, we are totally getting a cat." LOL... LOL... Still LOL!

Two little fishys!

Well, today was the last day of swimming lessons... they did awesome! I am so proud of both of the girls. They were so brave! We went from Kadee not daring to jump off the side of the pool to her diving down, with NO life jacket to get a stick out of the water... we also went from Kam being totally attached to the life jacket and not letting you take your hands off of her to her with no life jacket, swimming and putting her head under... she even jumped off the side to the teacher without the life jacket. Man, what two little girls will dare do in 2 weeks with no parents in the water. It was such a good thing for them. Today they wanted to take a little treat to their teachers so last night we made cookies and cards for them. They loved their lessons and can NOT wait for next summer.
Kam still prayed for her teacher today when she blessed the food at lunch...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

8 months pregnant

View from the top now, getting bigger and bigger... can't see to shave very good now.

Side view of the belly now. She is defiantly growing. Can't believe that she will be here so soon.

I also went to the doctor on Monday for just another check up. He told me that when I go in 2 weeks, at 34 weeks, he will schedule my last ultrasound that week. That will be the deciding factor if this placenta has moved or not. If so, 6 weeks to go after that, if not, I will only have 3 weeks! How crazy is that to think that we could have a baby here is 5 weeks from now. He also told me that he thinks baby Lilly weighs about 4 pounds right now. I held Cassie's baby Ella yesterday, one of the triplets. She weighs 4.2 pounds. It was so crazy to think that this is the exact size of the little peanut inside of me! It was surreal. It is coming, this last 5 months has definitely gone ALOT faster than the first 5 months!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The long awaited addition to our family is here!

Well it has been a LONG summer. We have been waiting and waiting and waiting. We have taken good care of her. We have watched her grow and grow. We had taken all the steps that we thought we needed to make her good and ready when it was time. Thursday July 9Th was the long awaited day. We knew the night before that this would be the day she would be done doing what she was doing... and let me tell you she was perfect! She was SO worth the wait! The girls loved the anticipation! That is right people, we picked and ate our first tomato of the season and man was she great!

She is a great sleeper!

A few weeks ago, Danny went in to wake up Kambrie from her nap and as she rolled over she had this massive hand print on her face. We totally laughed about it and Danny had to get it on camera before she fully woke up. Two nights ago, she also woke up and came to the top of the stairs yelling down that her hand was red. Danny and I thought maybe she had slept on it funny or something. When we got up and to the top of the stairs, it was covered in blood as well as her little face. That girl loves to pick her nose and pretty sure sometime in the night picked until she bled. I once again washed all of the bedding, two nights in a row now since we had a wet the bed night before. I think we are going to need a new bed spread before the year is out. Man, she has sure been hard on her bedding! If she just wasn't so dang cute!

Summer is definately here!

Since it was a little chilly and rainy in the month of June, we still had not busted out the swimming pool. One of the first days that it was super warm, we busted it out and filled it up. The girls played and played in the pool for hours while I sat in the shade and read my People magazine. It felt so good to go outside and play and play and play. Summer is so fun!

Kadee is on two wheels!

So, my little Kadee Lou, I am so proud of her... She has finally ditched the training wheels and she is off and riding like crazy. It took her and Dad a couple of days to really get going but man you should see her now. I love that every time her and Danny come home from a bike ride, she has some kind of battle wound, but she is doing great! She has been really brave about it! Between the girls moving into their own rooms and now Kadee just being able to take off on the bike, it really seems like she is growing up so fast. She now loves to go into her own room and close the door and do stuff at her desk. I can not believe she will be in the first grade this year. Man, time sure does fly! So proud of you sis!

Heart hair do

So, I was looking on someone's blog... can't remember who now, but I saw this website about little girls hair. I love it! It gave me so many ideas. This is the girls new favorite way to get their hair done. It is so fun. Shaped into a heart braid.

Kam's 3rd Birthday!

Kam and her new bike

Kam opening presents

Kam and her princess cake... never again will I attempt to make the cake... TOO MUCH WORK!! Totally worth the $25 to buy it done!

Kam helping me make the cake batter.

So, I just realized as I was downloading pics that I never posted these pics from Kam's birthday on May 8. Hello?!? How bad am I ...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good day at the DR

So, I went to the Dr this morning... I was super anxious because I haven't gotten to talk to my DR since all of this cramping started. I had TONS of questions for him. After talking and my exam... he thinks that the cramping is from my placenta trying to move up higher... that would definitely explain the cramping. Think, that this is solidly attached... and has camped there for 7 months... now it is trying to move higher... definitely would cause cramping he said. He also said that having it laying so low can cause alot of pressure and I might also be feeling a bit of that. He looked at my cervix and it is still closed and long.. so with no bleeding he told me that I need to listen to my body, take it easy and if I need some serious drugs to help with the pain of migration... let him know. Oh man people, this would be a serious answer to my prayers. Lets all hope and pray that this means it will move the amount we need to be out of the woods. I would be so grateful and blessed! Oh and ps... glucose came back normal. No gestational diabetes. YAHOO!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Kadee and Kambrie moved into their own rooms this last week. Danny and I are loving it, just for the simple fact that now, they go to sleep instead of lay in there and play and giggle for hours... I LOVE IT did I mention that!?! Well, now that they aren't in the same room we read stories in the living room and say family prayer there. Danny and I decided that now they are in their own rooms, this would be a great chance for us to teach them about individual prayer...

The first night when I took Kam into her room to go to bed, I said, " let's say a prayer that is just for you. You can thank Heavenly Father for anything you want to and ask him for anything you want to ask him for. This is YOUR prayer." So, this was her prayer...

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for Santa and my presents. Thank you for my barbies and my princesses. Amen."
I tried not to bust out laughing the whole time. You can definitely tell what she thinks about all day.

Tonight, Kadee's prayer was so dang cute...

"Please bless Cassie's three babies, and Cassie, and Ethan, and... Ethan's dad."
She is so concerned about those new babies...

Good kids we have... We are so lucky.