Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy week on 7500 South

Well, this week is one to go in the books. Last Sunday I woke up with an awful sinus cold thing going on... My ears ached like no other, my head ached because it was full of pressure in my sinuses and I honestly felt like crap. Danny and I stayed home from church and I slept most of the day away. On Monday things were not to much better and my ears had been draining some kind of gross all through the night, so I told Danny that before I went to work for the day, I was going to go to the DR. I was positive I had a sinus infection. I get them all the time and it felt pretty classic to the symptoms, only 10 times worse. My dr. wasn't in Monday, so I saw the other DR in the practice. To my "WHAT? SERIOUSLY?" it was not a infection. He said that everything looked red and swollen, but not infected. He said that due to the increase in blood while you are prego, any added pressure can make it feel like your head will explode. What can I take to help... "nothing really". Sorry. So, as the week continued, my left leg started to really get sore. I have gotten some serious varicose veins from my mother during this pregnancy and I started to get a big purple, blue and red spot behind my knee, which started to get hot and really tender. By Friday it was killing me, so after talking to my mom about it, she is the expert on blood clots, I decided that I better call the DR. When I called they said my DR was not in again today, so I needed to come in and be seen by the other DR AGAIN!!! 2X's in one week... HOW STUPID DO I FEEL!!! Anyhow, it was a clot, not in my deep veins though. Now, I get to wear those LOVELY ted hose they told me everyday, but I promised Danny I would do it every other day. During the summer honestly, every day! NO WAY!!! You will be coming to visit me in a mental institution. We also found out on Thursday night that it will take Danny 4 full years at the U to get his Mech Eng degree... not all of his credits will transfer from BYU. We were so bummed... So, we contacted my sister who works with the ENG department at USU. She did some leg work for us and we found out that it will only take us 3 years if we do it there... which they have the best engineering program ever, so I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO STOKED!!!!!!! I get to move back to LOGAN!!! YEAH!!!!!!! Can you tell I am so happy. We have one year here at SLCC to get the rest of the lower classes he can get and then we will start at USU fall semester 2010. WAHOO! So, it has been a whirl wind week at our house. Let's hope the rest of the summer doesn't follow suite...

Also, the baby is getting quite the personality. In the morning when the alarm goes off and Danny rolls over to snuggle me and starts talking... she will wake up and start kicking his arm around me. It is so cute. I think she knows her Daddy's voice already. Also, this morning when Kadee came and got in bed with me, the second she started to talk baby Lilly woke up again and was going wild in there. It is amazing, there is really a little human in there. I can't wait to meet you sweet girl!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kadee's Fieldtrip

On Wednesday I was asked to help out with Kadee's kindergarten field trip to the zoo. It was so fun. I will be honest... I have had the worst sinus cold and being prego can't take anything that really works, hadn't slept for about three nights in a row, and had just been to the zoo on Friday with the girls. I was not really to excited about chasing a handful of 5 year olds around the zoo. BUT IT WAS SO FUN!!! We had an awesome morning. I think that Kadee's favorite part about the whole thing was the ride on the big yellow bus. She thought that was great! We need to live somewhere next year that she can ride that bus everyday. She has grown up so much this last year and I am so thankful that she has become such a good helper. She is always running upstairs or downstairs to grab something for me. I know that she will help so much when the baby is born. I am so proud of her and the girl that she is becoming. Thanks for being you Kadee!

Funny? I don't think so...

Ever since Kam has turned three she has got some SERIOUS attitude. I am not sure what it is about. Last Friday her and I honestly had the worst day ever. By the time Danny got home from work we were both in tears and Kam was confined to the stool in her room with no toys or tv for the rest of the night... I HAD IT!!! Well, I thought that this week would be MUCH better than last, but the attitude is still there. When I say no, she either rolls her eyes at me, turn on the fake cry, or does it anyways. Yesterday was filled with her coloring on the fridge with a blue marker, the ottoman with a red pen, alot of "no, I don't have to.", and most of the day was spent on the stool. When we had a talk about why she has been so naughty last night, I asked her why she had colored on the fridge and the couch, she knows it is wrong... She just looked me dead in the eyes and said, "cause I think it is funny." My thought, I will show you funny you little... not appropriate for the blog. I WANT THE TERRIBLE TWOS BACK!!!! THREE HAS BEEN AWFUL IN THE TWO WEEKS WE HAVE BEEN HERE!!!

Picnic and Bikes

Kambrie finally got a new bike for her birthday so that she can now go out and ride like the wind with Kadee... Although, she is having a bit of a problem with it. She can't understand that you can only peddle forwards, when you turn the peddles the opposite way, it makes you stop! So, mostly I pushed Kam while she tried to figure out the peddles while Kadee rode her bike in circles around us. She is getting so fast. I tried to talk her into letting me take the training wheels off and getting used to two wheels, but she opted out on that one. Here are some pics of us having some lunch on the grass. It was a good day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Crib bedding...

The bedding I have picked out for the crib... How cute and cottage sheek is that? It will look so dang cute with the dark wood old school crib we bought for baby Lilly.

What I see NOW!!!

Now days this is what I see when I look down and in the mirror...
22 weeks

Our day at the zoo

Friday we went to the zoo. Stacey and her girls met us there. It was a perfect day to go. We had a great time.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Funny Morning

I forgot to post this yesterday. The other morning the girls got themselves dressed, I did their hair and then turned on a cartoon for them while I went to get in the shower. After when I came upstairs, it was time for Kadee to have some lunch so that she could get ready to go to school. As we walked into the kitchen to get up to the table I noticed something that looked so weird to me... Kadee's pants... It looked as if the front was on her little bum. I wondered to myself, there is no way that is possible. How could she do her pants up in the back... Hello me, she didn't undo them to put them on... and yes, they were on backwards. We got a good giggle out of it!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Half Way THERE!!!

Well to the request of many of you, I decided to finally just take a pic of myself and this GROWING belly and post it so all of you can see that this is real! I know pics in the mirror by yourself are kinda gay, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. I also went to the DR on Wednesday for my 20 week check-up. He said that the baby is growing great and doing exactly what it needs to... my body on the other hand is not quite doing the exact things it is suppose to be doing... In my ultrasound last week she told me that my placenta was on my cervix and honestly, that meant nothing to me. My DR yesterday informed me that I have partial placenta previa... which means that my placenta is on the bottom rather than the side or top where it should be. It can put alot of pressure on the cervix and cause it to start dilating at a very early stage.. He told me that I need to be very very careful about ALL the things I am doing... sex...CAUTION! Which SUCKS ROCKS!! We are only half way there! Anyhow, he is hoping that it will correct itself as my pregnancy continues, but as for now, that is where we stand. I am going to be having another ultrasound at 28 weeks to check it again and see if it has moved at all. LET'S PRAY IT DOES! It sounds like it will only be the beginning of the ultrasounds if it hasn't moved... They monitor this very closely he said. The result of placenta previa is a scheduled C section at 37 weeks. You can't have a normal vaginal delivery with it. So people, there is the update. Silly Lilly is kicking herself crazy in there and I am loving every movement, at this point anyhow. That will be one of the biggest things I will miss when this little miracle arrives. Let's just keep praying for this placenta business to resolve!

Happy Mother's Day to ME!!!

A few weeks ago when it started to really warm up, I wanted to have dinner outside. Then I realized we didn't have a picnic table. I looked around at the stores and online, and I just couldn't find what I really wanted. Plus, I really didn't want to spend $500 on a really nice set. Danny and I were talking about it and he decided HE would build me a picnic table. He worked SO hard on it, put in alot of hours, and even though I know he ate up having a "project" and spending time in the garage... It was something he did for me, and I love it! Not as much as I love him though! He even engraved "Happy Mother's Day" on it. He finished it on Sunday afternoon and I totally wanted to eat on it. I heated up the BBQ and just as I put the meat on, it started to pour. So, we ate on it in the garage. We topped our BBQ off with a little sparkly. It was way fun. Thanks for the great Mother's Day dear!

My special present

When I picked Kadee up from school a few weeks ago, we were about half way home when she yelled..."I got you a present at school today, it is in my backpack!" She opened it up and showed me this... She had picked me a bag full of DANDILIONS!!! She said, I know you don't really like them, but they are my favorite, so I got you some. It was the thought that counted... She is a little sweetheart.
This is a random pic of the girls... Danny was outside working in the garage and the girls wanted to go out and play while he was out there. I guess they decided they needed a few more "things" for their outfits... This is what I came out to... Silly girls.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So, this has been the thing since we found out we were pregnant... Every name I say, I mean every name, Danny doesn't like it. He either has a student that was a brat named that, or he thinks they will have horrible nicknames, or "it sounds like you have a mouth full of mush saying it". He likes boring names... I want something a little different. I am honestly SO glad this is NOT a boy because the name he had picked was Atticus. HELL NO! We had finally settled on calling him MAC but now it is a GIRL so out that goes! Danny isn't totally set on this name, but I am. Lillian Rose Aguirre We can call her Lilly. I picked Rose for a middle name because that is what my grandpa Sherd always called me... "his little Rose". So, let's take a poll. Who likes it?