Thursday, December 18, 2008

My husband and best friend!

I can't believe that a week from today we will have been married for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! The time has seriously flown by and at the same time, it feels like we have been married forever. I hardly even remember single life... all 30 years of it! I just want everyone to know that I am married to the best husband, man and friend in the whole world! I would be completely lost and empty without you baby! I love you!

An answer to my prayers...

If any of you remember a post I had awhile ago about what in the world does Kam do to her hair while she sleeps.. today was an answer to my prayers. At night when we bath she gets some curl underneath her hair. I said to Danny the other night, I am going to put some gel in that one day and diffuse it and see what I get out of it... Well, today I did it.... It was awesome. We just shaved 15 minutes off of morning time rituals!

T is for TROUBLE!

Kambrie is all girl... for sure. Every morning while I get ready she comes in the bathroom with me and I line up the eyeshadow and blush and lipsticks on the toilet seat so that she can play with them. It keeps her very entertained and she loves to ask me where to put it. She is getting very good at remembering what it is called, how to apply it, and where it goes. Very impressive for a 2 year old! She knows that she is not allowed to play with the mascara. Well, the other morning, I had Kam and Kadee all ready for school. Hair and dressed. I didn't realize what I had done when I walked into our room to get dressed. I heard Kadee come downstairs and go into the bathroom with Kam. I didn't think to much of it until when I got my clothes on and it was getting VERY quiet in the bathroom. I walked in and this is what the TWO of them together had gotten into...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

They talked me into it!!!

Well, I never thought by the end of last summer that you would catch me DEAD doing this, but yes, my family and the nagging feeling inside of me have convinced me to finally work one day a week in COaLvIllE. Yes, that is right all of you blog readers, Danny and I will once again be going to Hairwaves on Sunday nights to load up all of my "stuff" and haul it to coalville to cut some hair and do some nails. I seriously put this off for so long, but now that I have decided to do it I will have to admit that honestly I am really excited about it. I went to the salon in Coalville, Bellas, to pick up my key yesterday and I got really excited. I never thought I would do that salon on wheels thing again, but here it goes. I am already getting appointments and everyone is getting really excited about me coming, so it makes me happy to do it. I love my job and I think it will be fun to catch up with some people I hardly ever get to see anymore. Maybe it will even open the doors that we need to get us back up to that area. I am homesick to live there... which is yet another thing I never in a bazillion years thought I would do. Wow, how things change huh. So, boys and girls, pass the word along. I am going to be working on Mondays in Coalville. 9-5 or however early or late I need to be there. I will be doing hair and nails. You can call my cell to schedule an appt. 435-512-0856. Free advertising on the blog... that's the! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

oUr NeW bAbY!

We took a road trip to St. George a month ago and space was a serious issue. We had bags and pillows and movies all stuffed under our feet. It was a very very close and cozy drive. We decided that we really needed some more room. After our research and alot of looking, Danny bought me a new car yesterday! It is a Honda Pilot and I love it. He takes such good care of us. It is sooo nice and I really feel the mom part now. I decided that when you get a vehicle with a DVD player that folds down from the ceiling... you are officially a mom. So, here I am, DVD player and all. Now let's fill up the rest of those seats!

Griswald Family Christmas

My husband is seriously the best sport in the world. As you all know I LOVE Christmas! I just can't get enough of it. I came home from work on the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving and Danny was headed to Smiths to work for his few hours... I thought to myself, this would be the perfect night to put up the tree and get Christmas going... I asked him if he would be completely upset if I started a few days early. So, out came all of the boxes and when he came home 3 hours later... TADA Christmas was here! So, I had been giving him a pep talk for weeks about putting Christmas lights on the house outside. I had asked him if he would do it for us on Friday morning so that we could turn them on Friday night. At 8 am on Friday he ventured outside to put them up. The girls and I put a little tree in their room and helped me decorate it and we got the house all cleaned up. By the time it was almost noon and I hadn't seen him back in the house yet, I decided to go see if I could bring him anything... and this is what I found...
I seriously laughed my buns off. Him outside with his Russian hat on, Smiths apron to hold the clips and a pencil behind his ear. I thought it was so cute and I had to take a picture of it! Thanks baby for being such a good sport and going along with my craziness! THE LIGHTS LOOK AWESOME!

Christmas Paints!

So over the summer I lived with a girl named Michelle and when I was moving out, she gave me this big bag full of crafty stuff, old school crafty stuff. She told me that the girls would love to play with it. Well, when we moved into the house I will admit that I hid it downstairs in the computer room thinking I was not sure when I would get the energy to have a craft day with the girls. A few weeks ago, Kadee was downstairs watching a movie on Danny's Mac so we could watch a football game upstairs and when I came down to check on her she had found the "bag of crafts". So, I eventually ended up promising her that we would do them on Friday afternoon because she didn't have school... It actually ended up fun for all of us, and the paint didn't ruin anything, so all in all... great activity. And the girls ate it up! This is Kambrie painting on her snowman... She could have done that for hours. She loves tedious stuff. It is so funny for a two year old! I walked in on her singing "Where are you Christmas" and I couldn't help myself, I had to get some of it on video. Man kids are the best!