Friday, January 23, 2009

you give me the giggles

So, Danny does this voice that makes me laugh so hard I about pee my pants every single time. After we got engaged he would do it all of the time. It has become this thing that he does that just cracks me up! Some nights he will do it and we will laugh so hard and loud I don't know how in the world the kids can sleep through it. Well, the other night after the Jazz game we were getting ready to go down to bed when Danny put his shoes purposely on the wrong feet... I started to giggle and this is what it turned into... I sound like I smoke 10 packs a day, because I was laughing so hard I couldn't even breathe. Danny thought I got the camera to take a picture, but instead I captured the whole thing... When he realized it he begged me to not put it on the blog, but I totally can NOT resist. He is just so funny when he does it! Man, He know how to make his wife smile... and laugh ALOT!!! Here's to the good times!


One of my favorite memories growing up was when we would make homemade pizzas. We, Danny and I and the girls, have pizza every Friday night and Danny brings home a movie for us. Well, last Friday night, since we had been at Chucky Cheese all day, we pushed pizza night to Saturday. I decided that just instead of baking a pizza it would be fun to get all of the stuff, and let all of us make our own little pizza. The girls had a blast and the pizzas were actually really really good. We had enough stuff left over we can do it again this week! Yeah pizza day!

Can you say CHEESE!!

Grandma Gwen and Grandma Terry took all of us to Chucky Cheese last Friday afternoon. Our kids were out of school for the holiday on Monday, so it worked out great and gave me a MUCH needed day out of the house. The girls ate it up! Thanks Grandmas for being so good to us! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Kam riding with the dog
Now it is Kadees turn...

Kam and I at the table

Sadie riding the rides

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

The girls sleep so funny! After baths and Jammie's we brush teeth and get ready for bed. We put the girls in their beds and they sit up and we have prayer. Now, we have started reading books to them while they lay in bed. We were doing it before we brushed teeth, but this was Kadee's idea and it works awesome. They lay there, hold still and be quiet and they fall asleep much much faster, if they aren't already asleep by the time we get done reading. Kam fell asleep the other night while Danny was reading with her care bear. I couldn't tell at first if she was just hiding or what... yep she was asleep!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

winter wonderland

Our first family sledding outing of the year!

Well, we wanted to take the girls sledding so we got all bundled up and drove trying to find a hill, with snow, for about 45 minutes. Finally, up on the east bench way past Sandy, we found an elementary school that had this little sledding hill. There was only one Dad there with his two little kids and so we pulled in. Kambrie screamed because after the snow blower incident she was quite hesitant to get on the sled, but after watching Kadee come down a few times with Dad she decided that it would be fun. Kadee was so brave and she even went down all by herself before we left. We all had a blast but mostly I just had the giggles. In this video above you will see Kadee and Kambrie come down on the sled, followed by Danny. What is so funny about this video is Kam and her balaclava...aka...face mask. It is so funny. It works good to keep her chin warm and not get snow on it, but she just can't figure out how in the world to see out of that thing. So, after really watching the videos and looking at the pics we took sledding, I think she was in the dark most of the time. No wonder she was so brave!

Me and the girls hiking back up the hill, Kam still can't walk through the snow in those dang boots so she got the easy route to the top!

Danny and the girls at the bottom of the hill.

This last video is by far my favorite! I still giggle so hard when I watch it. I think I watched it three or four times the other day while Kam was napping and giggled the whole time. Of course there was a jump on the hill and of course my husband had to give it a try. This is him going off it. Only tried it the one time. That was enough for him. LOL... I ate it up! Aw, I love the snow!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


So, Danny wanted to build an igloo in the back yard over the Christmas break. Him and Kadee worked on it one of his first days out of school, but they quickly ran out of snow. With only three layers high, they were in desperate need of some more snow. Christmas Eve and day were awesome. We got so much snow at our house! On Saturday morning, Danny went to his dad's house and borrowed the snow blower. We seriously had like 6 inches just in our driveway. He decided it would work awesome to blow all of the snow into the backyard, then they could use all of that snow for the igloo. Well, we were all outside playing in the snow while he was cleaning off the driveway. When he got to the top, where it leads into the back yard, Kambrie was standing there... He yelled for her to watch out. She looked at him, turned and took off towards the backyard. Just as he turned the snow blower to blow the snow into the yard, she turned back around facing him. He totally plowed her right into the face, buckets and buckets of snow. It was seriously like it was in slow motion. As the snow hit her right in the eyes, slowly slowly she tipped backward and over onto her back. It took a minute for the snow to stop coming out of the snow blower so by the time it stopped she was about buried. I saw the whole thing and I almost seriously peed my pants. It was so sad, but one of the funnies things I have ever seen. She was seriously done after that and ready to go back in the house. For two days when we would talk about it she would still start to cry. So, warning: do not aim snow blower at child's face!

Daddy it looks dorgeous!!

Kambrie is so into combing hair.. she is already starting to take after me. She is constantly saying to Kadee, "I comb your hair, otay?" With which Kadee cries and says "No Kambrie, leave me alone! I don't want my hair combed!" After church on Sunday Danny let Kam experiment with his hair... while he was watching some football. She had clips, a head band, and was trying to tie a ribbon in it. She just kept on saying, Daddy it looks dorgeous! What a great dad! We will only need to treat the dig marks from the comb for a few more days! No wonder Kadee never lets her comb her hair!

Our First Christmas Morning!

Christmas morning was a BLAST this year. You are all right, when you have kids it is totally different! Getting everything all set up and ready for the girls was so fun. Danny and I had a blast getting all the presents from Santa perfect. The girls had so much fun!

This is Kadee and Kambrie putting one of their three new dollys in their new cradles from Papa!Kambrie also got new beads from Santa! Man how that girl loves to bead. She got new beads with stars and hearts... she loves to make a whole string of just hearts. So funny... works great for sacrament meeting though! YEAH!

Opening presents...

Danny wanted knitting needles and a knitting book for Christmas... He has been so funny. It has taken him a few days to figure it all out, but he is seriously on the move with it now. He has started a scarf for one of the girls. He told me that he is going to knit us all sweaters for Christmas next year... lol. Man I know you all can't wait to get your christmas cards with that pic on the front! Danny totally spoiled me this year too! He bought me all the clothes I wanted. He picked all of them out and they are so cute and they all fit too! It was a great day! We must have been soooo good this year!

Christmas Eve night...

We went up to my mom and dad's to have dinner and open presents. My mom and dad do this every year on Christmas Eve. This is Kambrie covered in chocolate from all the yummy treats!After dinner Dylan and Kennady dressed up like Mary and Joseph and read us the Christmas story out of the bible. Then, Mom read us a story about taking care of each other and gave us all our Christmas book for the year. After we all told what we were thankful for this year, it was time to open presents... It looked like the sleigh had tipped right over. My dad made our girls cradles for their babies. Oh man, were they a hit! Thanks Papa!

Christmas Eve Activities...

In the morning we had our Christmas party with Nana and Papa Aguirre. It was so fun. We had lunch and opened presents. We gave Nana and Papa the video with all the kids singing their favorite Christmas songs. We have worked on it since like October, every Monday night. Then we went to a recording studio and had it all put to music. It sounded awesome! They added pictures of all the kids to the video with all the kids singing. It worked out great! Nana and Papa loved it!