Monday, September 22, 2008

laSt mInuTe dEtAils...

So, here it is... two days until the wedding and I am doing all of the last minute stuff.. you know the appointments that you can't do until right before the big day. Today Danny and I went and got our marriage licence... which is ALOT easier than I would have ever imagined. Tomorrow I have an appointment to get a body butter drench which I have never had before, but hear is amazing. On Wednesday I get my nails and toes done and TADA... complete... ready to marry the man of my dreams. But the most important appointment of all I went to tonight... and I am here to tell all of you "never in a million years would I do that" girls... the Brazilian is SOOO the best thing you will ever do for yourself! You totally just need to do it. Take an 800 mg and go in and get the wax down. Best $45.00 I have spent in preparation for this wedding. So, there it is girls, my secret is out. JUST DO IT!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

7 days...

danny and kadee at the new house playing the new
wii princess game that kadee got for her birthday...
dad looks so into it!

Well, here we are, down to the very last week. I can hardly believe it to be honest. Danny and I were talking last night and it totally doesn't feel real to either of us. You know, we knew last February that we were going to marry each other... so it seems like we have been talking about it FOREVER and here it finally is, about to happen in 7 days!!! We are getting everything finished up and getting ready to move Danny and the girls over this weekend. It seems like life is really already going on here although sometimes Kam or Kadee want to play with something that is still at nana and papa's house. It will be awesome and such a relief to just be married and settled. I can hardly contain myself. I can't believe that this is really here and really happening. Life is so good and I am so glad that I have not been the one calling the shots up there... that someone knew ALOT better than I did, exactly what I needed to make me happy and whole and make my life complete. It was so worth all of the wait and patience. I also know that Grandpa Sherd and Grandpa Merald had their hands in this... The last few days, everytime we sing "I see the moon" I tear up... I know that they are watching down on us and smiling. I miss you both like crazy! Danny and the girls are the best thing that has ever walked into my life. Eternity sounds AWESOME!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just Kidding... Danny had some pics

So, I just realized that Danny does have some pics on his camera, so I loaded them and here are a few random things we have been doing this summer!

Our little family at the good 'ole parade in Coalville... the girls got about three bags of candy!
Kadee and Sadie with the bunnies at the fair in Coalville

Oops.. can't figure out how to flip it... sorry girls... side view! LOL
Our attempt to all sleep in a two man tent in Papa Carl and Grandma Terry's backyard... When it started to rain and Danny nor I had been asleep yet, we ended up in the house at 3 am. We definitely had fun though! Danny and I at a cook out at Mom and Dad's house

Our family trip to Lagoon... Chris and Stacey and their girls went with us. This is Kambrie and Kadee on the boats. I think this is the one and only ride that Kam did not completely freak out on. She loved it! I think she thought she was a princess in a parade! It was so cute!

Danny and I on the ride Wicked! Stacey and Chris took turns with us keeping the kids and going on adult rides.

Our family at the end of the day at Lagoon... Kambrie fell asleep getting her bum changed... man what a long day for kids. We all had a blast though!
Kadee and Kambrie playing chef at Nana and Papa house. They love the pink kitchen and creating all kinds of things!

So, there it is... finally some pics of our family. I gave you an update of life on the next blog though... this should put a smile on those "hey you never blog anymore!" faces!

Three weeks and counting!!!

Well, we are officially on the serious countdown! Three weeks from tomorrow I am going to marry the man of my dreams... and get the family I have waited so long to have. I am so excited. I have still gotten so much flack from all you for not posting regularly, but I will guarantee a post next Wednesday with many photos and then regular posts after that. We are finally going to be hooked back up to the Internet... yes, my computer with pictures and all. So, get ready everyone, you are going to get sick of me bragging so much about my little family.

To give you all an update, I have moved into the house we will be living in. I love it! It is a little four bedroom two bath house with a fenced yard and even a garage. The girls still want to share a room and across the hall is their playroom. We turned the other spare room into my craft room, which Danny refers to as the crap room. He loves me though. And I might even let him hang one of his Spiderman posters in that room... It is definitely not going in the bedroom or the living room like he insists. Anyhow, we are loving being there and feeling a little more settled. The girls just don't understand why all of their stuff isn't there yet, but I am so glad that they are feeling so comfortable there and wanting to sleep there. Should make for an easy transition... It actually already feels like we are a little family... We do it all there, meals, playing, baths, the girls sleep there with me on the weekends... the only problem is Danny has to go home at night, but good news... only a few weeks more and He NEVER has to leave again. Hallelujah! We are excited! Also, the big news at our house this week is that Kadee officially started Kindergarten yesterday! She turned 5 two weeks ago, so she was able to start school this year. I can not believe it. I went to pick her up from school today and she came walking out with her backpack on talking to her friend and I totally teared up. Man she seemed so big. She is lovin it and says that her new friend at school is Mrs. Redd, her teacher. She is all of the sudden not such a little girl anymore, and frankly it is kinda sad. But, we are so proud of her. She is so smart and we know that she will do very well in school. So, there is a little bit of an update and I will give you some pics next week. Hope life is as good for all of you as it is for us! We are SO blessed!