Thursday, May 15, 2008

farewell to greys night...

So for the last year, Rose, Carrie and I get together on Thursday nights for "GREY'S". It is our out during the week to get together and talk and laugh and cry. We DVR Grey's so that we can visit for a bit, fast forward the commercials, and rewind when we miss something major or need to re watch a gushy scene. We LOVE it! Tonight was our last night being that I am moving to Salt Lake this weekend. We started off the night with a big 'ol bag of chips and salsa from Cafe Sabor and Carrie made us cosmos... virgin of course. Thanks Rose for letting your diet take one for the team tonight! Last week I thought I would bust up when we got done watching it, we all just started in... "I can't believe Izzy is not going to tell Alex she is not pregnant." "Well, does Eva even know that she isn't pregnant?" "Meredeth is so messed up." "Sloan is such a hooker!" All of the sudden Rose stopped and said "this is it girls, we have hit rock bottom..." yes it is true. You would think these people are real..and that we totally hang out with them on a regular basis... And to us sometimes they are. I will admit although Grey's is an awesome show that I am completely addicted to... the best part of Thursday nights are the girls coming over. I love to just sit and listen and laugh. I have loved our little ritual this year and it is one of the biggest things I will miss about Logan. Thanks girls for the diet pepsi with a lime, the burned popcorn, and the great friendships. I love you both so much and I will miss you like crazy! Think of me when Jeff gets the boot next week so that you can watch the finale on Rose's bed with all of the cats... I am totally going to talk Danny into watching it with me so that I don't have to do the finale alone.. a true test of our love..but I won't make him talk about the characters like we really know them! :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

bless my heart...

Funny story... so today at the salon I was cutting Connor's hair, Tori's son. The last time I cut his hair, I remembered was his birthday. I also remembered Tori telling me about the fruit and stuff they were going to have after his baptism for the brunch when I got my nails done. So, today when Connor came in, he sat in the chair and I asked him, "so Connor, how was your baptism, did you get wet?" He looked at me a little confused and said, "it was ok", then he paused for a second and followed it with, "it was like a year ago." I could not believe it! Hello! That all happened a year ago! What in the *#@&!!! Yes, I did cut Connor's hair this year on his birthday, and they were going to Fredricos for dinner, now I remember. Last year was his 8th birthday and the infamous baptism. It's getting a little scary. Definately shows I am going to be the big 30 this year! Bless my HEART! Anyhow, congrats on the baptism Connor! I am so proud of you! Ha Ha Ha :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

could be very addictive...

So, tonight Danny came to Logan and we went to the Rock Haus and went climbing. It was soooo much fun. I had never done it and I was a little freaked out, but I can feel that I am already wanting to go again now. As soon as my hands recover and I am able to straighten them out again that is! It definitely uses alot of muscles that I have never used before and frankly I didn't even know that I had. When we first got there we got our cool shoes and harnesses on. Which, are totally unattractive. It is a very good thing that Danny already loves me. Then the instructor, don't remember her name, came in and gave us a lesson on the ropes. How to tie the knots, how to hold the ropes and how to let one another down off the wall. It kinda felt really awkward at first, like I was totally on display and everyone was getting a real good look at my butt in this harness, but it's just how it is. You very quickly forget about it. Danny and I climbed for about two and a half hours. It is really really fun, and if our arms weren't totally shot we probably would have stayed longer. It is definitely something that we are going to have to do again. It is crazy fun. Next time I am totally going to try a higher level. Until then, I will start to do my finger tip push ups to strengthen my grip on the rocks and figure out how to not get jello arms by the time I hit the top of the wall. Thanks for the awesome date tip Rose. You were right about the Rock Haus and we thank you for the info! Oh, and a ps to all of my fellow Cafe Sabor addicts... We went there tonight for dinner after climbing and the infamous Freddy was our waiter. When we finished eating we were the only table left in the restaurant. He asked us what we wanted for desert, that he was buying it for us tonight. We were his very last table, tonight was his last night, he is moving to Brazil. Sad, Freddy will no longer be providing fantastic service at Cafe Sabor. We will probably never be able to get a diet pepsi with a ring of limes ever again. Sorry Carrie... bummer huh. Anyhow, thanks for the free fried ice cream Freddy! Hopefully my hands totally haven't set up by morning and that tomorrow I will be able to open my mascara tube before church, hold the sacrament cup without spilling it all over me, and be able to really use my hands on Monday to cut hair. Good luck with the chalk board this week Danny. Should prove to be interesting! Sorry no photos of us actually climbing, Danny conveniently forgot to remind me about the photos! We would TOTALLY recommend this to all of you for a date night idea!!
P.S. Saturday night after 6:00 is date night price at $9.00 per person and your shoes are free on the first visit. Totally go and try it and let me know what you thought about it!

Friday, May 2, 2008

just a little girl time...

Annie and Nat All of us girls

Tonight we had a shower for Annie from the salon. She is getting married on June 6th. I am so excited for her and Colby. We went to Fredricos and piled in the back room with our pizza and garlic bread and laughed our buns off. Man those girls crack me up. You know, it is so crazy, we all work together, spend ALOT of time together, and we still love to hang out together. Even after work. It is great. They are more than girlfriends to me, they are sisters. We love each other, but sometimes it does get caddy, sister caddy. After getting it all out, it usually blows over. The things we talk about and laugh over make most people say "are you kidding me", but we know that the bonds we share run deep deep. This last year we have all been through alot of laughter and tears together and I think that our connections with each other are deeper than ever. Here's to good times and good friends and the infamous peppermint patty ladies. I love you all!

Annie opening her "special bag"