Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kadee Lou is in the 1st grade!

Tuesday night we had back to school night. When we got our packet and headed towards Kadee's classroom I started to think, man, I can not believe she will be in school all day long. Is she really old enough for that?!? Well, it really hit when we walked into her classroom and met her teacher, Mrs. Loveless, and she showed Kadee where her desk would be. It is on the front row on the very end... and she even had a name tag on her desk. At that point, honestly, I was choking back the tears. It just seems unreal. Anyhow, today was the big day... last night she was so excited, she got back out of bed 3 times to ask me something about in the morning before school. It was so cute. This morning we had set our alarm at 7:20 to get her up and she was down to get us at 6:40... bed already made and all. She had that backpack on and ready to walk out the door at 8:15... we can't be there until 8:40. :) It was pretty cute. We all went to the school to drop her off and I stayed in the car with Kam while Danny walked her inside the fence. She just looked so big, yet too small, walking away towards the school for the WHOLE day! Danny got back in the car and was pretty quiet for a second. "do you think she will be ok? How sad. I just hope she has a good first day." It was so cute. I think it hit him pretty hard that his little girl is growing up. He missed all of that last year with being at work, so it was a whole new experience for him to drive away and leave her there. She came home today EXHAUSTED!!! She loved her first day, and her teacher and she even made a new best friend, although she can't remember her name... but she has stitches in her head. She thought the best part of the day was the lunch room... although I think she mostly visited cause she came back home with half of her lunch still in her lunch box... she was starving though, definitely got eaten when she walked through the door. I think that we won't have any problems crashing tonight and sleeping until she is woken up tomorrow morning by us. Congrats Kadee! We are so proud of you!

Weekly appt for baby Lillian

So, I went to the DR on Wednesday morning for my weekly appt. He said that the baby is looking good although my belly is measuring a week behind, still at 35 weeks. Which is where it has been for the last almost 2 weeks... humm... I have gained 2 lbs though so I know she is growing. He also checked me, now that we know the placenta has moved that is ok to do, and he said that despite being up all night Tuesday contracting every 7 minutes, there is no dialation. My cervix has started to soften though. Anyhow, he said that really she can come at anytime. I was still contracting while I was there and he told me that when they get to 5 minutes, to take myself to L and D! HELLO!!! I am going to do EVERYTHING in the book to get this business going! If I wasn't contracting so regularly I would not be so anxious but honestly, I can NOT do this for almost 4 weeks still. Last night and today has been much of the same. Contracting and timing... not turning into anything too much though. If anyone has any good tricks... LET ME KNOW!!

Kadee turned 6!

August 20th was Kadee Lou's 6th birthday. We had so much fun! We planned a party at the bowery at the church. We had a big blow up.. jumpy thingy.. with a water slide. We also made a big slip and slide and had a little pool for the tiny tots. Danny's mom and dad have a cotton candy machine and we did the candy cannon as well. Needless to say, we wore the kids out and got them high on sugar. Pretty sure everyone must have had a major crash when they got home.. I know our girls did! Thanks to Danny and all the set up... not to mention covered HEAD TO TOE in cotton candy everyone had a blast! Happy birthday sister sue! We Love YOU!

Somehow amid all the excitement I forgot to take the camera to the party... when I get the pics from Stacey I will post them. You have gotta see Danny covered in pink fluff!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lillian Update...

So, yesterday we went to the doctor for another appointment. The last few days this baby girl has definitely done the BIG drop! She is laying about 3 1/2 to 4 inches lower than she was before. I am LOVING the fact that I can finally breathe again, but I have traded that luxury for some SERIOUS lower back pain. All day on Tuesday, I was having contractions. In the morning in lasted about an hour and a half and continued off and on all day. The worst part of it was that I was not only feeling it in my belly, but the worst was in my lower back! YIKES! Since I was working all day, sure that didn't help the situation a ton. Then, yesterday morning, when I got up to get ready to go to the doctor, I had some blood going on... so all things combined, I was a little nervous. When we got to the dr. he was shocked at how far she had dropped so fast. Also, he checked my cervix to make sure that was not where the blood had come from... which it wasn't, so good news there. He set up my ultrasound for today. When we went I was a little nervous and anxious to see what we would find out. We found out that Lilly weighs about 5lbs 5 oz.. which is about 60% of the average for this point. Some things she measured ahead of schedule... so I guess we will see what the dr has to say about that. I also was worried that she was still a girl, for the fact that her room looks like it has been hosed down in Peptobismal. From the pic up top, you can tell... FOR SURE A GIRL!!! She has the right parts! They also saw that her head was so far down, they couldn't see anything... they did a vag ultrasound to check the placenta, which her head was laying on my cervix, much to the techs surprise. She looked at the placenta by blood flow and said, it would be the dr's call... Still close, but not sure how close. Little Lilly has grown a ton. I can NOT believe how much bigger she is. She is DEFINITELY out of room in there. We did get a great look at her little face and she looks like she has chubby cheeks and Grandma Gwen and Aunt Stacey's chin. She is a cute little fart. Anyhow, I go to the doctor around the 25 again, and if the placenta hasn't moved enough, will be scheduling the C section for that next week! CRAZY!!! I can not believe it is here so soon... Let's just hope that all of these contractions and her dropping so low onto my cervix doesn't send me into labor before hand!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yeah for new!

So, this has to be one of the best days ever! My husband bought me a new washer and dryer and I LOVE them! When we got married, we took an old washer from Danny's parents basement and he bought a used, commercial, dryer on KSL. Well, honestly they did the job... but, at an expense. The washer worked pretty well, but it sounded like a jet engine was taking off in the basement when it went into spin cycle. The dryer, well it SUCKED!! All it did was heat the clothes up to the max and toss them around. When it was done, the buzz was deafening and lasted about 1 minute. When you would take the clothes out of the dryer, you would get burned by the buttons or snaps on anything you touched... and they smelled just plain HOT! Can I tell you that I am pleased as punch with the new ones. The washer wonderful.. and I have already done 4 loads today. It has a glass lid and Danny and I have been entranced today watching it wash without the agitator. It is all digital... so now I am like, oh they have 15 more minutes... and I can come back down. The two best things about the dryer... it can tell if the clothes are still damp and will automatically adjust the time and it also has a setting that if I am not right here to take them out when they are done, it will keep fluffing them every 3 minutes for 45 seconds so they don't wrinkle. I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you baby for making your wife one happy lady. I promise we will still buy you a laptop... THANK YOU for spending what you had for that, on me and two black appliances. I love you!