Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stop!!!! It's danny time.

Well you don't hear from me often, and i am sorry i have no supercute pictures, videos, or even a drawing. just wanted to update the blog. (i am sick and tired of material science and need a break, plus it needs to be done.) well, lilly is doing great her last dr. visit she had gained a pound and a half up to 7lb 12oz. she sleeps pretty well for a newborn sometimes up to 5 hours at night. Jen is the best mom that has ever existed. not only is she a great mom she is the best wife anyone could ask for. while i am spending 10-12 hours a day on campus, she is taking care of three kids(a six yr old, 3 yr old, and a three week old) and she still manages to look like a million bucks when i get home to a hot dinner. hands down she would kill even june cleaver in a mom/wife off competition. kadee is doing reall well in the first grade and loves it. Jen helps her with her homework everyday after school. kambrie has started preschool (tuesdays and thursdays 9:30-12) and loves that she gets to go to school too. we are not sure if she likes school more or the fact that she gets to eat lunch there, which is amazing to us becasue she is still struggling with the eating thing at home. so is short we are doing really well. love my wife, love my kids, and hey i even started spelling my name correctly which is always a plus.
lets all be nice and then we get treats.